PPC Agency Melbourne

PPC Agency Melbourne

At Spike Digital, we have built a reliable and trustworthy PPC Agency based in Melbourne, providing clients with exceptional results, efficiency and scale from their digital marketing campaigns. We strive to be ahead of the curve in all facets of digital, and should be your first choice when making the decision of which PPC agency to engage for your digital marketing campaigns. 

Our Experience

Our small team (largely with client side experience spanning over 30 years) offer a unique insight into specific channels and campaigns that can work for businesses, in your category. We have successfully provided pay-per-click management services to many clients globally with deep experience building campaigns from scratch to scale, and also rebuilding underperforming campaigns into highly efficient acquisition channels. 

A Tailored Approach

Our engagement with each client is bespoke based on their needs. We work with clients as a fully managed outsourced digital arm, and also work collaboratively with in-house marketing and digital specialists to ‘pinch hit’ where required on specialist work, or problems that can’t be solved with current resources. We aim to make our clients’ lives easier, and provide a solution delivering maximum results with minimal internal impact of resources. 

Winning at PPC digital advertising requires significant effort, experience and a sound strategy. Thinking you can build a campaign in Google Ads, and ‘set and forget it’ will not deliver the optimal results for your business. You need experienced specialists to implement a bespoke strategy and campaign structure, along with ongoing monitoring and management to drive the best results from your PPC campaigns. Our team of experts go above and beyond in order to bring you the very best strategies and media recommendations to ensure that your business can achieve the results you want. The recommendations we provide are 100% in the best interests of our clients, not our agency. Delivering results for our clients that they’re happy with is ALWAYS our biggest priority above all else.

 If you’re looking for a PPC Agency that actually cares about the performance of their clients digital marketing, and ensures these results are positively impacting the overall business acquisition and revenue figures, then please get in touch with our friendly team today to hear more about our services and expertise.

How to choose the best PPC Agency for your business 

When it comes to finding the right PPC Agency for your individual business needs, it is important to consider specific aspects of the agency offering. You should be looking at the experience of the people who will actually be working on your account, and their track record of performance. When a new client engages us, we have our Spike Digital company directors involved from the beginning to consider the best approach for your business. Our main objectives when launching new campaigns include: 

Understanding the business and determining a robust PPC strategy 

Before deciding on the best strategy for each client, we strive to understand the business, market / category, past performance of campaigns, and other current marketing activity to give us a good starting point to determine the best way forward for your PPC campaigns. We take the time to understand the needs, behaviours, intentions, and emotional triggers of your key demographics that solely lead to decision-making. We also assess competitors in your category, unpick their strategy to give our clients a competitive edge.

Quality Management

As an agency, we go deep on every campaign we manage. Diving into the intricacies of each campaign, ad group and keyword is vital to maximise performance, and forms part of our ongoing optimisation process we work towards on our clients accounts.

We have personally observed agencies poorly manage campaigns, and spend very little time on optimisation due to the sheer number of accounts each PPC manager has to be across. Often, PPC agencies let Google do ALL of the heavy lifting, and perform little manual optimisation. That’s absolutely not how we go about managing our PPC campaigns. At Spike Digital, we only take on new customers if we believe we can maintain the same level of quality and output across both our existing and new clients. Quality of work is a foundational pillar of our agency. 


We acknowledge and report on the bottom-line performance of every single campaign. We put together crucial stats such as the cost, conversions, CPA and any other vital metrics that can help you understand the performance and success of your campaign. For each client, we build a custom dashboard that provides daily insights into performance, and ensures complete transparency. 

Why PPC Advertising is imperative for your business 

If you’re looking to acquire new customers to your business, using a specialist PPC Agency such as Spike Digital opens immediate opportunities to bring qualified customers to your door. There are many reasons every business should be taking advantage of PPC advertising including 

  1. Customer quality – We can bring people to your business who are actively looking for exactly what you’re offering 
  2. Reach – The scale through the various PPC channels (if implemented correctly) can be infinite. Talk to us about how this can be achieved for your business  
  3. Costs – Certain advertising networks require no minimum spends – starting with a low level of spend, optimising to efficiency then scaling for volume is a great approach many business take 
  4. Tracking and reporting – Marketing in digital channels allows for a fantastic level of tracking and reporting. If your reporting or analytics is not at a level you’re satisfied with, get in touch with us 

Why You Should Choose Us

Our team is extremely experienced with over 30 years working in client side roles in Australian and global business, responsible for acquisition media budgets running into the tens of millions annually. We know what works and have always been tasked to deliver big volume, efficiently. 

We work hard to stay ahead of the curve and remain updated with all industry news, and ensure our clients understand the impacts of industry changes on their business. 

Transparency and trust is fundamental in the way we work with our clients. Working as closely as we do with our clients allows for superior results.

We have a global book of clients running digital media campaigns, so understand and appreciate the complexities of different regions when running advertising. We have taken some clients from no activity whatsoever to overwhelming their sales team with leads, and then having to pull back. We have also worked with many clients unhappy with their current performance, wanting a change and delivering on the objectives they have set. 

The Results You Need, When You Need Them

If you’re looking to outperform your competitors with a superior strategy, and more volume, then you should look no further than Spike Digital for your PPC advertising efforts. Based in Melbourne, our agency is your first choice to deliver new customers at scale to your business. 

We set out to get you the best return possible on your PPC investment. That is why we create cost-effective, result-driven, scalable campaigns that will find you qualified customers.

We find people who are ready to buy now and who will value the offering of your business. 

We’re also meticulous at monitoring the performance of our campaigns and the impact this has on your business. We’re constantly optimising PPC campaigns to deliver the greatest volume at the lowest possible price, while maintaining quality of the leads and customers delivered to your business. 

The Type of Clients We Work With

We’re proud to work with many different types of clients throughout a broad range of different industries both here in Australia, and overseas. Some of these industries include financial services, education, telco, entertainment and home care.

If you think you could benefit from our PPC marketing services, feel free to get in touch with our very friendly team today! We are always happy to help.