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If you are wondering how you can get your business website to the top of Google for your most important phrases and keywords…. Well that’s where a tailored, data driven SEO strategy comes into play.

No matter what your goal might be or what type of business you run, a well crafted and implemented SEO strategy can help you rank higher for the keywords that actually make a difference to your businesses bottom-line.

At Spike Digital, we know how hard it can be to find a trustworthy boutique SEO agency that can and will actually deliver real, tangible results, not just fancy reports and meaningless numbers.

Our SEO services are boutique and completely tailored to your business to focus on moving the most important metrics for your business.

So if you are looking for a trustworthy and reliable SEO agency who is achieving great results for their clients, book a call with us here.

Why choose Spike Digital as your SEO agency?

There are literally hundreds of agencies not just in Melbourne, but in Australia that offer SEO services. If you have been looking for a new agency or even your first SEO agency, you no doubt have already been bombarded with emails and phone calls with all sorts of wild claims, difficult to understand service offerings and varying price points.

We don’t do that at Spike Digital. Everything we offer is clear and easy to understand. Every piece of work we do is done with a precise ROI goal in mind. It’s never work for work sake but always work for real, tangible results. 

So what really sets us apart from the rest?

  • Experience: With a combined 50 years of SEO and digital marketing experience, we truly are at the forefront of this industry. Those years have been spent working for a multitude of different clients in just about every industry imaginable. 
  • Tailored & boutique work: Every client is different and every strategy we create is tailored to that business. It’s a completely boutique SEO service and strategy in every way.  
  • Results: We have delivered stellar SEO results for clients ranging from the education sector, to well known national entertainment brands you would see in your everyday life. We are confident in our work, and are able to work in just about any industry. 
  • Hands on management & full transparency: Our reporting and management is second to none. Every bit of work we do for your business is tracked and reported. You will never be left wondering what we are doing or why. We monitor and track all your important metrics and report those to you in regular meetings with our custom SEO dashboards.

Why is SEO so important? 

We can’t think of a single business with a digital presence that would not benefit from a custom SEO strategy. However you may be wondering why SEO is so important to your business? Here are the four top reasons;

  • High quality traffic: Traffic from SEO or ‘organic traffic’ is historically the most high quality, high converting traffic that you can get, especially when you combine that with tight keyword research. This way you are ranking for the actual keywords that people looking to take an action are searching for right now, not just traffic for traffic sake. Organic traffic is called earned traffic. It’s traffic you cannot buy as it’s something you earn by implementing an SEO strategy on your website. Doing this allows you to stand out from your competitors.
  • ROI: Paid search is great, email marketing is also important, as well as social media marketing and a number of other marketing strategies.They should all be part of your digital marketing mix, but you won’t find a better ROI for your money in digital marketing outside of implementing an SEO strategy.
  • Long term: Organic traffic is a long term traffic source. With continued SEO optimisation and monitoring, rankings gained with a well implemented SEO strategy will last for as long as search engines exist. 
  • Consistent, predictable but finite: Organic traffic is consistent and predictable. Month on month you can rely on it for your businesses growth online. It’s the most stable of traffic sources, but it’s also finite. There are only so many people searching for the keywords relevant to your business each month and it’s vital that you are getting the majority of that traffic, not your competitors.

Contact us here to discuss how we can make sure you are getting the majority of the high quality organic traffic in your industry.

Spike Digital’s SEO services

We offer a full range of SEO services tailored to your unique business needs. Our services include;

SEO site audits & strategy creation: We are industry leaders in SEO audits and strategy creation. We can quickly pinpoint all areas of improvements on your website, any red flags holding back your rankings and then deliver a custom strategy designed for quick wins and also long term, consistent growth.

Keyword research & tracking: Targeting the wrong keywords will completely derail any SEO strategy from the get go. Our process is honed by decades of experience in the industry. By finding the right keywords and matching them to the right pages on your site, we can make sure that not only are you getting this high quality traffic but that it is also landing on the right page, every time. 

With our custom SEO dashboards, you will be able to follow in near real time how your keywords are performing as well.

On page SEO: Long gone are the days where you could write your keywords over and over on the page and rank well in search engines like Google. Do that these days and you will most likely end up with a penalty. Our on page SEO is a balance between targeted and strategic keyword placement and making sure of the quality & relevancy of the words on the page.

Technical SEO: Is the backbone of your website’s SEO success. If your technical SEO is not healthy, any major ranking gains will be hard to come by. We use custom tools, software and processes to diagnose any existing issues with your website and we formulate easy to implement strategies that are ranked on a low to high impact factor so we are making sure we are doing the most impactful work first. 

Local SEO: Local businesses require their own type of SEO, local SEO. If your business relies on people in your local area finding you in Google and Google maps, then you need a specific local SEO strategy to make sure your business is at the front of the pack for all your important keywords. It’s important to make sure that whomever you choose for your SEO is highly experienced in local SEO if you are a local or small business. 

Content marketing: Content is the lifeblood of the Internet and without a good content marketing strategy, SEO rankings will be hard to come by. We do a full analysis of our clients’ competitors looking at the type and quality of content they are using so our clients know exactly what needs to be done to be competitive and rank at the top organically for their most important keywords.

Link building: If any agency tells you that they buy their backlinks for their clients, run for the hills. Gone are the days where you could throw a bunch of backlinks at a website and it would rank. Do that now and you will end up with a penalty that is near impossible to remove, hampering your business for years to come.

At Spike Digital, we build links naturally and organically through trusted and safe methods that focus on building relevant backlinks, not ‘all the links’. 

The type of clients we work with

Here at Spike Digital we love working with all manner of clients and websites. We do however have extensive expertise in doing SEO for;

  • Large & complex websites: The larger and more complex the better. Whether you are a large national brand or just have a very complex website build, we are experienced in creating and implementing SEO strategies for all sizes of websites and all types of content management systems.  
  • Multi location local businesses: Multi location local SEO is tricky and requires experience and expertise to get right. Whether you have 5 locations or 50 locations, Spike Digital can create a strategy that ranks all your locations well in organic search and in local search. 
  • eCommerce websites: We’ve worked with a wide range of eCommerce platforms and content management systems. Our eCommerce focus is making sure your technical SEO is perfect and then focusing on ranking for the keywords that deliver real value and drive growth to your bottom-line. 
  • Saas websites: We love working with software as a service businesses and driving targeted customers to your website. We are experts at driving leads and growing subscription revenue.